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Casual To Committed

Turn Casual Readers into Committed Fans Without Getting Overwhelmed – Even If You Don’t Have Much Time For Marketing.

Over the six topics, we’ll look at:

  • The importance of Impact
  • How to be authentic in a way that delights and engages
  • Which social channels you should focus on to grow your readership
  • Why consistency is key…and how to keep it simple

Whether you’ve got a book ready to sell, or you’re just starting out, the guidance and strategies in this course can be easily adapted for your situation.

Price: $147 $47 (when you use the coupon IQSCHOLAR)

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Readers who stumble across your product and buy it are awesome – readers who buy all your products because you‘ve created them are better! And these are strategies that you can implement right now, and won’t take long to get running.

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