Blue Tide Rising

When Amy Blue wakes to find a stranger in her bedroom, she’s not particularly alarmed. This is beautiful, calm, androgynous Jay, who listens to her story and appears to want to help, with no hidden agenda.

Claiming One

The distinct characters in Claiming One are both incredibly loving and tragically flawed: far from finding anything, and an even longer way from peace. Yet, E.J. Runyon masterfully intertwines a trail of hope, found in the hearts of the characters, to string these tales together.

Shattered Echo

Re-emerging into a world where she must hide her supernatural talents, Echo begins a career as an investigative reporter. Fearing persecution—and worse— because of her paranormal abilities, she quickly learns she must keep everyone at arm’s length

Becoming Someone

An administrator is forced into early retirement; a busy doctor needs a break. A girl discovers her sexuality; an older man explores a new direction for his. Thought-provoking, playful and poignant, these 42 short stories address identity from different angles.

Eighteen Lives

Heather Kütz would like nothing more than to be a regular teenager. After striking a deal with Death to save her sister, she gets stuck in an endless loop of lives, all ending just before her nineteenth birthday.

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Landscapes in Modern Myth

Landscapes in Modern Myth

Landscapes have a tendency to set off questions in my head, about what lies below the surface of a place and what possibilities there might be.   Can Fairy Tales Be Set in The Real World? I live in a beautiful part of the world, near glens could be taken straight...

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8 Women In Translation for 2019

8 Women In Translation for 2019

Why Should I Read Translated Works?If you agree that reading diverse benefits your brain, you’re probably open to reading novels in translation. If language affects thought, there can’t be a better way of accessing a mindset different to one’s own....

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