Sixteen-year-old Chrissie’s first love is a girl.

Heartsound is a tale of unspoken truths, broken promises, almost-forgotten dreams, and hope.

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Inspired Quill is a traditional indie press setting new standards for how publishers should work — eco-friendly, people-orientated and focused on inclusive publishing.

We’ve been a social enterprise since we began in 2011, which means that we’re always thinking of ways to give back to our communities. This includes pledging profit percentages to charity, running subsidised workshops and mentoring schemes, and donating books to those who may not otherwise have access to them.

Although we’re a small publisher based in the UK, our amazing authors and team live across the entire globe, and we attend plenty of international events, too.

If you’re an avid reader looking for something new, exciting, and blazing a trail away from the fads and fashions of mainstream media houses, IQ is the place for you!

So sit back with your favourite beverage, grab your nearest paperback or ebook (we love both!) and delve into the diverse worlds created by the amazing minds here at Inspired Quill.

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How to Write Effective Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction provides an appealing alternative to longer forms of literature, offering readers the opportunity to experience a complete narrative in a short amount of time. As a result, the genre has attracted a diverse range of readers and writers, expanding the boundaries of literary expression.
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Independent Publishing and Artificial Intelligence

Traditional publishing doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being fast-paced, but the onslaught of AI (artificial intelligence) tools, ‘scandals’ and borderline (and over-the-line!) misuse might just have made an exception out of us! This post will outline how we feel about, and use, AI here at Inspired Quill. We’ll discuss [...]

Give Back Every Time You Buy

Inspired Quill is a (non-profit) social enterprise, which means that we reinvest our profits back into IQ and local communities. Every time you buy one of our inclusive fiction (or non-fiction!) books, you’re helping us to help others.

We’ve just partnered with  Derbyshire LGBT+ to get books in the hands of folks who may otherwise not have access to diverse reading in a safe environment. So for every 10 books we sell through our site (including ebooks!), we’re donating 1 paperback to them.

Find out more about our social collaborations and mentoring programmes.

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Get 25% off ALL eBooks

Sign up to receive updates on releases, competitions, blogs and events. Oh, and a cool 25% off coupon for ALL of our eBooks!
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