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Inspired Quill in a sentence:

Inspired Quill aims to be the UK’s best small publisher as a traditional press dedicated to quality literature, skills development, and social/environmental causes.

A (super brief) history

Inspired Quill started life back in 2009 as a blog, updating a few times a week with literature news, articles and reviews.

September 2010 ended with an Entrepreneurial award and a series of businesses classes and 1-on-1 mentoring.

In April 2011, the blog turned into a registered Social Enterprise, but it was only after speaking to so many traditionally published authors about their industry horror stories, that we thought “how hard can it be to create win-win-win situations for the publisher, authors and readers…without treating authors like meal tickets?”

A decade later, we’re still finding out!

About Inspired Quill Publishing

From submission to launch, we collaborate with our authors, rather than operating above them. We diligently focus on setting new standards in ecological, people-oriented publishing that actively develops an author’s skills, by facilitating open involvement in marketing and editing, and encouraging authentic public confidence.

Engaging new writers means we’re able to start removing (the many) roadblocks and misinformation about the publishing industry.

We champion non-tokenistic diversity and representation across all parts of our business (and as much as we can across the sector as a whole, too).

Finally, we provide activities, mentoring and workshops to encourage and inspire transferable, creative skills to primarily (although not exclusively) marginalised individuals, and additionally partner with selected non-profit groups and charity programs.

Who Are We?

A lot of work goes into every title we produce – far too much for just one person to keep on top of. Click below to meet the team who keep Inspired Quill going.

How We Give Back

As a Social Enterprise, Inspired Quill engages with our communities to enrich, support, and inspire them. You can read how we’re doing that by heading to the page linked below.

Diversity Pledge

Inspired Quill doesn’t believe in the sort of tokenism where a business says one thing but then contradicts their ‘woke’ ethos. Diversity is core to all aspects of IQ, and we hope it shows.

Inspired Quill in the Media

We have opinions…

Inspired Quill has been an independent publishing house for close to a decade now. In that time, we’ve been featured in a ton of different places, ranging from Writing Magazine to The Bookseller. Look to the right to see some of the places you can learn more about us, watch our publishing interviews, or get a sneak peak into some publishing training webinars we’ve presented. (Clicking on any of the following logos will open a new browsing tab).

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Inspired Quill is a UK not-for-profit publishing house. We stand for Independent, Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible publishing.

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