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We Bleed The Same

David Wilkinson


Pay no heed to the angel overhead.

Space opera with a human touch. We Bleed the Same, an EMB-award-shortlisted sci-fi novel, spans multiple worlds, space-battles and a man stuck in a rebellion he cannot stop.

Danny Parque has finally begun to understand that in the big picture, he’s no more than a speck. And something so small has no hope of making a difference…or does it?

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496 pages
(111,000 words)
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We Bleed The Same Media

About the author

David Wilkinson writes science fiction in a universe he has been perfecting for decades; his stories are devoted to plot and characters. Influences range from Asimov, Niven-Pournelle and childhood science fiction through to the new style Battle Star Galactica.

Having learned his trade with Writing East Midlands, he is now a member of the established Leicester Writers Club.

David is a physicist and, after years of being a research scientist for the Government, now works for the Institute of Physics. Married, his wife eventually got fed up with him talking about all the books he was going to write and told him to get on with it or shut up.

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Sci-Fi Author David Wilkinson

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