The Trickster



“A wonderful read”

Dorothy A. Winsor is back with The Trickster, her latest addition to the Tales of Rinland. This YA fantasy collection follows the adventures of Doniver (The Wind Reader), Jarka (The Wysman) and Dilly (The Trickster).

In Lac’s Holding, you’re part of a family or you’re nothing.

Former street kid Dilly and her loyal dog Tuc cross paths with Hedge Mage Fitch during the chaos of Winter Festival and find treason in the air…

Can they save the city when those they’re loyal to stand in their way?

330 pages (73,000 words)

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“When it comes to family, you’re rich… and I’m dirt poor.”

Amid the intoxicating chaos of Winter Festival, attendant Dilly and Hedge Mage Fitch cross paths.

After surviving Rin’s wretched streets, Dilly aims to prove herself to Lady Elenia, who brought her back to Lac’s Holding and blessed her with a new life of comfort and luxury. Fitch seeks vengeance for a loved one, killed by a liquor that makes one vulnerable to suggestion.

But their separate goals are derailed when Dilly discovers Elenia’s secret lover is the head of a too-ambitious kinship, and Fitch finds his own smuggler-family pressuring him into using his unique nudging abilities for mutinous deeds.

When murmurs of treason break out in Lac’s Holding, it becomes clear that only Dilly and Fitch know the truth.

The question is how they can save the city when those they’re loyal to stand in their way.

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For about a dozen years, Dorothy A. Winsor taught technical writing at Iowa State University and served as the editor of the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, but then she decided writing middle-grade and young adult fantasy was more fun.

She lives near Chicago with her husband, who engineers tractors, and has one son, the person who first introduced her to the pleasure of reading fantasy.

You can learn more about Dorothy Winsor by visiting her author page here on the IQ website.

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Dorothy A. Winsor
Category: YA Fantasy
Release Date: March 2021

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-913117-03-0
Pages: 330
RRP: £9.99 / 12.99€ / $14.99

Format: eBook (MOBI & ePUB)
ISBN: 978-1-913117-04-7
RRP: £3.49 / 3.99€ / $3.99


Interested in reviewing The Trickster (or one of our others titles)? Check out our Book Reviewers Page!

[T]he book spins a tale that keeps readers on their toes, with plot twists and complex main characters. […] The important theme of loyalty runs through this third book in the series, beginning with the commitment of a dog, and explores whether loyalty to family is obligatory when family has betrayed their own blood. […]The Trickster is a clean read, with the perfect balance of espionage and romance.

Windy City Reviews

A wonderful read. It has political intrigue, high stakes, a cute little dog, and a plucky girl as one of the main characters.

Elyzabeth Royse, Feywild Books

There was a lot going on from the beginning to the end of the book: treason, deals, backstabbing, smuggling, romance. This book had everything.

Christine Farragher, Goodreads

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