Heroine Chic



A diverse cast of heroines of all ages, shapes and sizes”

To be a good ally, to write as a good ally, you have to know when to listen. You have to know when to speak.

Heroine Chic is a celebration of the heroine’s place at the heart of science fiction, fantasy and reality. James Webster is a master wordsmith, each story a hidden gem.


168 pages (21,000 words)

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“I am the girl the Lost Boys lost.”

Queens and Scoundrels. Witches and Rebels. Grifters and Goddesses. These are stories about heroines.

Featuring 52 very short stories, Heroine Chic is a celebration of the heroine’s place at the heart of science fiction, fantasy, and reality. Told with humour, daring, and gorgeous lyricism, these are tales of magic, love, adventure, SCIENCE! and much more.


James is an inveterate scribbler of poetry and prose who can most reliably be found writing weird little stories online, on a stage somewhere, doing something that can only be described as ‘proclaiming’.

As a poet, he’s won multiple slams, performed up and down the UK (mainly down) and written two full-length spoken word theatre shows (50 Shades of Webster and Poor Life Choices) that he’s performed at various festivals and even one sci-fi convention.

You can learn more about James Webster by visiting his author page here on the IQ website.

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James Webster
Category: Steampunk / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Short Stories
Release Date: September 2017

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-908600-65-3
Pages: 168
RRP: £9.99 / 12.99€ / $14.99

Format: eBook (MOBI & ePUB)
ISBN: 978-1-908600-66-0
RRP: £3.49 / 3.99€ / $3.99


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I read it consumingly (half on the bus on the way home from the launch and half as soon as I got home) then wanted more. It is my dreams, my nightmares, or how I wish them and how I wish I wrote. At each page, I feel that tremulous bubbling sense of fitness, of wonder, that I remember having on reading Calvino’s Invisible Cities or Carter’s Bloody Chamber for the first time. This book is delicious.

Antonia, Goodreads Reviewer

A superb collection of super short stories that’ll surprise you, and make you feel things you didn’t know so few words could. It’s clear the love and care that goes into each story, and there is something here for everyone. It’s also fantastically diverse, and the female-centric nature of Webster’s writing is as refreshing as a tonic.

Ms. Sixpence, Verified Amazon Reviewer

A wonderful set of little stories, each short enough to read in a few minutes but capture the imagination for far longer. A diverse cast of heroines of all ages, shapes and sizes, characters who just happened to be LGBT without it being their defining feature, and at least one heroine for each reader to see themself in. Definitely recommended.

Rosemary Warner, Verified Amazon Reviewer

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