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It’s no secret that we love events. From WorldCon to local literary festivals; from established Asylums to newer OxCons, meeting new people energises us to do more.

If you’re interested in meeting anyone from Inspired Quill face-to-face, take a look at the events list below… and if you think there’s an event that we should absolutely make an effort to get to, let us know using the Contact Form over on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay at home and interact from a safe distance, you can find usdoing regular online-only events such as roundtables, interviews, character DnD (yes, really!) and readings over on our Youtube channel. We have both pre-recorded and live events sporadically throughout the year.

… or you can also interact with us on Social Media:

Our Upcoming Events

None Right Now. 🙁

Note: While some of our authors are regularly out and about, we find it increasingly difficult to keep this page up to date in time for folks to actually make plans to come and visit us. At the moment, we’re trying to figure out a better way of keeping this page both fresh and useful.

For now, the best way to find out about what we’re doing is to follow your favourite authors on social media, or sign up to the Inspired Quill newsletter.

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