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We genuinely love getting messages from readers and authors. To get in touch with any queries or comments, please use the form to the right-hand-side and we’ll do our best to get back to you within two working days. We also have some FAQs below, so be sure to check them out first! :)

Note: Anyone asking if we need online services or asking to send their manuscripts to us during 'closed' seasons will automatically get their emails deleted.

- Students looking to collect publishing industry insights/info
- Fan mail for any of our titles (we can pass it on to our authors)
- Questions about the IQ processes
- Interview, workshop (or other event) requests (publisher or author)
- Reviewers requesting specific titles (only eBooks available)

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Check out our FAQs Below:

Can I submit my book to you?

The answer here is ‘it depends’. Have you checked on our manuscript submissions page to make sure that we’re actually taking on new authors at this time, and that your book fits the word count, genre, and non-tokenistic thematics? If so, feel free to use the form on our submissions page to send your work to us! Please don’t email us to ask if we can ‘just check your work’ when we’re not open for subs. It looks unprofessional and usually results  in auto-delete (unless we’re feeling particularly charitable, in which case we’ll link you to the submissions page and then delete the work.

How much would you charge to publish my book?

Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing. Zilch. We’re a traditional publishing house that follows the golden rule: money flows to the author, not away from them. This means that every amazing book we release has been through the full publishing process from initial submission right the way through our collaborative (multi-stage) editing process and out the other side. It’s also why we don’t open for submissions very often – we usually have plenty to work with from the cohort of authors we already have!

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