Diversity and Inclusion

Mother Language Day Blog Image showing a young person looking at old bookshelves

Mother Language Day for Authors and Publishers

In 1999, UNESCO designated 21 February as International Mother Language Day. It’s an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge and celebrate language diversity and to resist the suppression of minority...
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5 Novels with the Best (Authentic) Mental Health Depictions

Mental health is a popular theme in fiction but negative stereotypes abound. Charlotte Brontë has a lot to answer for with her madwoman in the attic in the classic novel Jane Eyre. As a former clinica...
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Why We Need More Older Characters in Fiction

In a 2013 Guardian article the novelist Penelope Lively, then aged 80, bemoaned the depiction of older characters in fiction: “The stereotypes of old age run from the smiling old dear to the gru...
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LGBT+ History through Contemporary Fiction

Minority rights aren’t only deeply important for minorities. Like the canary in the coal mine, they can also indicate a society’s flexibility, respect and overall health. Equality benefits everyone, s...
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Perspectives on Identity in Short Stories

I often get to the end of a novel and think Now I know where it’s going, I’d love to read it again. But, as a book blogger reading around 150 contemporary novels a year, I rarely do. But short stories...
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Does Diverse Reading Benefit Your Brain?

You’re probably familiar with the ethical arguments favouring diverse reading. Celebrating marginalised stories is part of what Inspired Quill is about. You might not be aware, however, that reading d...
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The Point of Fictional Damsels

One of my favourite animated series was, and still is, The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It aired on the BBC in the very late eighties and it has always been a huge comfort and inspiration to me. There w...
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A Man Writing Heroines

Here’s a story about D&D, listening and trying to be a good ally. Why am I, a man, writing about heroines? Let me tell you a story. A friend told me about a game of Dungeons & Dragons he...
A blog feature image showing a diverse group of youngsters standing and looking at the camera and the title 'Stop Talking About Diversity in Books' over the top

Stop Talking About Diversity In Books

“The importance of diversity in books”, “diverse characters – tokenism or important?” and my personal favourite, “is diversity really that important?” Every time I see a convention panel discussion wi...

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