I’m Jo Zebedee, a science fiction and fantasy writer based in Northern Ireland.

My debut came out in March 2015, the first of a space opera trilogy called Abendau’s Heir, published by Tickety boo press. It’s set in a vast space world with a big set of characters and looks to pull on the themes of classic space opera and challenge them – especially the ‘invincible chosen one’ theme. Book two is out in March 2016 with book 3 to follow in the autumn. (Since writing this, Abendu’s Heir actually hit the #1 spot on Amazon, go Jo! – Sara)

My second book, Inish Carraig, came out in August 2015, and I self published it. Which makes me one of the trendy hybrid authors out and about, and I quite like that – matching the book to the appropriate vehicle. In this case, it’s paid off as Inish Carraig is doing very well and has opened new avenues for me. It’s also totally different from my Abendau series – it’s set in Belfast after an alien invasion and is written in the Northern Irish venacular (but remains accessible.)

I enjoyed writing a story local to me, and wrote another, this time about dark little fairies who dwell deep in the Antrim Glens. Either that, or my character’s imagining them. That story became Waters and the Wild, which Inspired Quill will be releasing in 2017!

I think it will fit really well with IQ. It’s a cross over into literary fiction, as well as fantasy, and I think the title sits well with others they’ve published. I’m very much looking forward to moving forwards with it and seeing how it takes shape over the next year or so.

But I don’t write all the time! I have kids, and run a consultancy, like to garden, and am busy, busy, busy.

[For more information and the links to her social media, head on over to Jo Zebedee’s Author Page here on the IQ website. Welcome aboard, Jo!]

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