LonCon3 – The very Best Bit

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Events

Phew! What an amazing five days! Two members of the IQ team (namely: Sara and Peter) along with a few authors (namely: Ben, Matthew and David) spent time around two tables at the amazing LonCon3 (the 72nd WorldCon Sci-Fi convention), held at the ExCel in London, UK.

As the largest convention IQ have been to by some order of magnitude, LonCon certainly  kept us on our toes! There were very few times when there wasn’t someone at our tables chatting to us. In one case, Sara had three wonderful people wanting to talk to her about IQ and submissions at the same time, and everyone at IQ would agree that was easily the best part of the convention. Getting to know our readers (and fans who haven’t yet dipped their toes into the IQ pond of titles) has truly been a fantastic experience.
Of course, Sara was particularly happy when she got to meet two writers from the ‘Zombies!Run’ fitness app, as well as Todd McCaffrey (yes, that one).

Speaking to so many people passionate about Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk and everything in between was pretty inspiring and humbling. Sara gave out a lot of business cards, so she’s hoping that some of the people we chatted to will get in touch to say hello.

It’s pretty safe to say we all got the Sci-Fi Convention Bug…so we’ll hopefully see you at many more conventions over the coming months!

Did you go to WorldCon or follow the #LonCon3 hashtag on Twitter? Let us know your favourite bit, and whether you came to say hello to us at our table!

This blog was originally posted on August 18th, 2014 on our previous website incarnation.




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