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Short Fiction author James Webster

James Webster

Genre: Fantasy

James is an inveterate scribbler of poetry and prose who can most reliably be found writing weird little stories online, on a stage somewhere, doing something that can only be described as ‘proclaiming’.

As a poet, he’s won multiple slams, performed up and down the UK (mainly down) and written two full-length spoken word theatre shows (50 Shades of Webster and Poor Life Choices) that he’s performed at various festivals and even one sci-fi convention.

When not performing, he’s had poetry published in a couple of anthologies, but most often publishes microfiction and flash fiction on his tumblr, Strange Little Stories.

James likes his stories the same way he likes his friends/partners: somewhat surprising, perfectly formed and weird as hell.

Oh, and he lives in Oxford. In case any of you were interested.

Books by James Webster

Flash fiction book cover cover for Monstrous Ink showing a wolf-type monster with bright eyes.
Feminist steampunk flash fiction book cover for Heroine Chic (by James Webster)

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