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Fantasy Author Hugo Jackson wearing a mask

Hugo Jackson

Genre: Fantasy

“Imagination is one of the greatest tools you will ever hold. Find it, embrace it, train it, and unleash it without fear.”

Hugo is a British-born author living in North Carolina. They began life as a starry-eyed creature with a fascination for fantastical adventures, heroes, and animals, and invested as much time in their own imagination as they did on animations, video games, and music. They were exposed to dramatic narrative from a very early age, as their older sister used to write and illustrate stories to keep them amused after Disney’s Robin Hood could no longer contain their excitement. Their greatest creative influences in their youth were the Mysterious Cities of Gold, Visionaries, and many other things aimed at kids in the early 1990s; in books it was The Deptford Mice trilogy, written by Robin Jarvis, one of his all-time favourite authors along with Garth Nix (The Abhorsen Trilogy, Shade’s Children). These styles were a major influence on finding their own writing voice.

These passions manifested in numerous achievements through their life in the UK, becoming a proud member of the Raven Tor Living History Group where they got to live out the battle experiences they grew up envisioning. They also formed a community production company, performed in several professional theatre productions, and took part as an extra in movies such as The Young Victoria.

They began writing their first novel, Legacy, in 2006, which was to become the first in a series of four called The Resonance Tetralogy. They self-published this in 2010, and in 2013 it was republished with great pride under Inspired Quill’s banner. This was followed in 2016 by Fracture, the second in the series.

In 2012 Hugo moved to the United States to live with their wife Madison, who is a native to North Carolina, where they both enjoy as much barbecue and biscuits as health will reasonably allow, and together dote over a lovely corgi-cross named Tohru.

In their spare time, Hugo is heavily involved with the furry fandom, standing as an advocate for LGBT+ rights, mental health awareness, inclusion, and artist/author visibility and fair treatment. They talk about many of these things on their intermittently-updated blog, Writesaber, and occasionally produces their own videos. Hugo makes all of the costumes that they wear (or scrounges materials from charity shops), and attends whichever conventions they can.

Books by Hugo Jackson

YA Fantasy book cover for Ruin's Dawn (by Hugo Jackson)
Furry fantasy book cover for Fracture (by Hugo Jackson)
Furry fantasy book cover for Legacy (by Hugo Jackson)

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