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Literary and LGBT author E.J. Runyon

E. J. Runyon

Genre: Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories

E.J. Runyon lives in the US North East. Since 2002 she’s found herself moving on to smaller and smaller towns, while working to become the author and writing coach she planned on being.

First, she quit working in software and sold her home to finance her degree in Creative Writing and her Grad-work in Online Teaching and Learning. She’s never looked back. Now, her life revolves around her own writing and Bridge to Story – an online creativity coaching business she runs– and you know, being a better person day to day.

E.J.’s passion is focused on writing fine prose and on getting folks writing, her aim is coaching them in writing well. She participates yearly in National Novel Writing Month – an event she’s been involved in since 2001. Several of the short stories in Claiming One are excerpts from her many in-progress and published novels, written during various NaNoWriMo years.

Her debut novel for Inspired Quill, A House of Light & Stone, was nominated for the 2015 Dramatic Fiction award at The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). Other titles from Inspired Quill include Tell Me How To Write A Story (2013) and Claiming One (2012). And from other presses: Your Little Red Book, Good People and 5 Ways of Thinking to Turn Your Writing World Around.

In 2020, watch for another literary fiction title from Inspired Quill, 900 Miles, as well as a new writer’s guide.

Books by E. J. Runyon

Literary Fiction book cover for 900 Miles (by E.J. Runyon)
Literary fiction book cover for A House of Light and Stone (by EJ Runyon)
Non-fiction writing book cover for Tell Me A Story (by E.J. Runyon)
Literary short story collection book cover for Claiming One (by E.J. Runyon)

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