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Supernatural Fantasy author Alex Westmore (Linda Kay Silva)

Alex Westmore

Genre: Fantasy

Linda Kay SIlva (aka Alex Westmore) is a 5 time award-winning author of 35+ novels in 6+ series. She’s a professor at a military university where she teaches American, World, and British Literature.

When not writing, Alex is traveling around the world living a wild life being an adventurer and a collector of stories.

And boy has she collected some whoppers!

Alex has lived in a haunted house, been charged by an elephant, jumped from an airplane, rode rapids in several countries, and taken many Harley trips. She has spent time with the Vodoun in New Orleans, medicine men in the Southwest, and a Shaman in the Amazon. She’s been a cop, a sportswriter, an ostrich rider, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t true…

Alex is a series writers and her series include time travel, supernatural, police adventure, post-apocalypse, demon hunting, and historical romance. She’s thrilled to be a part of Inspired Quill and looks forward to meeting new readers, writers, and friends!

Books by Alex Westmore

Paranormal fantasy book cover showing a girl with a flaming hand standing in front of a destroyed city
Modern paranormal fantasy cover for Before The Echo (by Alex Westmore)
Modern paranormal fantasy cover for Shattered Echo (by Alex Westmore)

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