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Mother Language Day Blog Image showing a young person looking at old bookshelves

Mother Language Day for Authors and Publishers

    In 1999, UNESCO designated 21 February as International Mother Language Day. It’s an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge and celebrate language diversity and to resist the suppression of [...]
    A close up of an old woman holding a book with the text "Why We Need More Older Fictional Characters in Fiction"

    Why We Need More Older Characters in Fiction

      In a 2013 Guardian article the novelist Penelope Lively, then aged 80, bemoaned the depiction of older characters in fiction: The stereotypes of old age run from the smiling old [...]
      A blog feature image showing a letter-cloud rainbow with the title 'LGBT+ History through Contemporary Fiction' over the top

      LGBT+ History through Contemporary Fiction

        Minority rights aren’t only deeply important for minorities. Like the canary in the coal mine, they can also indicate a society’s flexibility, respect and overall health. Equality benefits everyone, so [...]
        A blog feature image showing a line of Inspird Quill books with the title 'Lockdown Reading' over the top

        Lockdown Reading

          Books to console, inspire and escape into… With all but essential workers on lockdown, and our social lives on hold, the time seems ripe for a (lockdown) reading revolution. But [...]
          A blog feature image showing five short story books fanned out on a dark table with the title 'Perspectives on Identity in Short Stories' over the top

          Perspectives on Identity in Short Stories

            I often get to the end of a novel and think Now I know where it’s going, I’d love to read it again. But, as a book blogger reading around [...]
            A blog feature image showing a close-up of the Underneath book cover with the title 'Victims, Villains and Vulnerability' over the top

            Victims, Villains and Vulnerability

              Over a decade ago, the children’s charity, Barnardo’s, ran a controversial advertising campaign aiming to raise awareness of the damaging impact of being born in poverty. The Advertising Standards Authority [...]
              A blog feature image showing a close up of the Sugar and Snails book cover detail with the title 'IQ Interviews: Anne Goodwin' over the top

              Q&A with Anne Goodwin

                It’s a great privilege to have the opportunity to work with the extraordinarily talented authors here at Inspired Quill. But it’s easy to forget that our readers don’t have the [...]
                A blog feature image showing a 3D render of the Sugar and Snails book cover with the title 'On Being an Elderly Prima-Authorista' over the top

                On Being an Elderly Prima Authorista

                  I had to smile when I discovered, via Twitter, that a group of writers had set up a website to combat the invisibility of authors publishing their first book over [...]

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