The Last Time We Saw Marion

Tracey Scott-Townsend

Paperback: £7.99
eBook: £3.49

Meeting author Callum Wilde is the catalyst that turns Marianne Fairchild’s fragile sense of identity on its head, evoking demons that will haunt two families …





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She is seventeen and has spent her life fighting off disturbing memories that can’t possibly belong to her.

His twin sister Marion died seventeen years ago.

When Cal and his older sister Sarah spot Marianne in the audience of a TV show that Cal is recording, they are stunned by her uncanny resemblance to Marion. They have to find out who she is, but they both soon come to regret the decision to draw her into their lives. Events spiral out of control for all of them, but whilst Cal and Sarah each manage to find a way to move on, Marianne is forced to relinquish the one precious thing that could have given her life some meaning.

The book is set in a haunting estuary landscape of mudflats, marshes and the constant resonance of the sea.

The Last Time We Saw Marion is the story of two families – but the horrible truth is that two into one won’t go…

Tracey enjoys travelling in the bus-with-a-woodstove with her husband and their Labrador, Riley. They are always on the lookout for a scenic layby in which to sleep. Last year they spent time all over the British Isles, including the Outer Hebrides, which will be the setting for a future novel. In a few years they plan to set off on the road (by way of the sea) for an extended period of time: after all, writing can be done anywhere.

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Some of our FIVE STAR Reviews:

“The author has done a fine job of creating a cast of characters that are as multi-faceted as every human being with both good qualities and bad. You will likely find yourself juxtaposed between sympathy and something less. Yet every emotion has been carefully evoked by this skilled author. The family tragedy is the catalyst for every relationship in the story. I loved how it resonated in such a deep and profoundly unique way to each person it touched.” – L.C, Amazon Reviewer

“There’s a clever ebb and flow of tension and suspense throughout the book as we move between different characters and different points in time. I was turning pages well past midnight and probably read the book in 5 or 6 later-than-planned sessions!” – L. Reiter, Amazon Reviewer

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