Run Alice Run

Lynn Michell

Paperback: £7.99
eBook: £3.49

Everyone knows that respectable, middle-aged women do not embark on crazy shop lifting sprees …





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Alice Green realises that being over fifty is much the same as being invisible, so why not make the most of it? Her head-in-the-sand husband doesn’t notice the mountain of clothes and the piles of stationery.

When two police cars draw up outside her house in leafy, upmarket Edinburgh, Alice back-tracks through her memories, recasting the events – and people – who chipped away at her confidence and contentment over the years. What happened between the heady university days and the sad marriage to a husband who gets more excitement from his computer than from his wife?

Run, Alice, Run is an irreverent coming-of-middle-age novel which looks with irony at the way society defines and diminishes women of all ages.

When not writing or editing, you’ll find Lynn building a house and moving rocks to create a landscape in an oak clearing high above a small village in southern France. Hands on.

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Some of our Reviews:

“It’s easy to read but engrossing and believable It even made me understand better my own time of acting oddly. I wanted to keep reading until the end rather than go out into my garden, or do anything else for that matter.” – Odaline, Amazon Reviewer.

“Melodrama interlocks with irony and subtly paints a portrait of the aging beautiful woman in Western society. Alice feels she becomes invisible. The strength of the book is its humour and that humour remains – despite the drama and the serious issues posed in the narrative about women in today’s society.” – Laura Martignon, Academic & Amazon Reviewer

A voice as unique as its heroine. Her characters are strong and believable. The settings – Birmingham and Edinburgh – are recognisable and fresh, yet coloured by the emotional baggage that Alice brings to them. Half way between literary fiction and romance, and drawing on the best of both, you will cheer on the valiant Alice as she searches for meaning in a life that has gone off the rails. It is insightful and engaging – storytelling at its very best. – Brook Cottage Books

Run Alice Run traces the breaking points of a young girl’s heart and the ways in which each fracture moulds her into the woman she’s become at the novel’s start and end. – Isabelle Coy-Dibley, The Contemporary Small Press

It illustrates how a mutilated sense of self can translate into a set of behaviours that range from self-harm to rebellious cries for help..In this eloquent novel, Lynn Michell ultimately weaves a poignant tale of hard-won freedom. – Jenny Gorrod, Dundee University Review of the Arts

A very rare thing – a literary novel (whatever that means) about female ageing and sexuality that pulls no punches, and it should be applauded. – Chapter and Verse

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