Craig Hallam

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A Hero murdered. A Girl alone. A city of Villains.





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From the crumbling Belfry to the Citadel’s stained-glass eye, across acres of cobbles streets and knotted alleyways that never see daylight, Greaveburn is a city with darkness at its core. Gothic spires battle for height, overlapping each other until the skyline is a jagged mass of thorns.

Archduke Choler sits on the throne, his black-sealed letters foretell death for the person named inside. Abrasia, the rightful heir, lives as a recluse in order to stay alive. With her father murdered and her only ally lost, Abrasia is alone in a city where the crooked Palace Guard, a scientist’s assistant that is more beast than man, and a duo of body snatchers are all on her list of enemies.

Under the cobbled streets lurk the Broken Folk, deformed rebels led by the hideously scarred Darrant, a man who once swore to protect the city. And in a darkened laboratory, the devious Professor Loosestrife builds a contraption known only as The Womb.

With Greaveburn being torn apart around her, can Abrasia avenge her father’s murder before the Archduke’s letter spells her doom?

Tackling short stories since late 2008, Craig’s tales have graced the pages of the British Fantasy Society, Misanthrope Press, Pill Hill Press, and Murky Depths. He has managed to avoid winning a single award in this whole time and has decided to take that as an accolade in itself, whenever the tears stop falling.

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Some of our FIVE STAR Reviews:

“Craig’s use of poetic descriptions and his ability to make you relate to the characters is something that I have not come across in a long time. In my mind I can clearly see what the characters, the setting and even the background look like. Greaveburn will pull you in and not let go, even after the story has ended. If every book was like this I would be one very happy reader.” – M. Brown, Amazon Reviewer

Hallam has crafted an engaging narrative with likable characters and a climax which makes a statement about human nature. However, one could argue the city itself is the real star of the story. Hallam’s expert use of imagery helps us to imagine Greaveburn as a Gothic metropolis full of splendor.” – S. Kinkade, Author

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