Another Rebecca

Another Rebecca

Tracey Scott-Townsend

Paperback: £7.99
eBook: £3.49

When torments of the past threaten what little semblance of a family Rebecca Grey has, how will any of them keep a grip on reality?





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Rebecca Grey can’t shake off the hallucination she had while in hospital, but her alcoholic mother Bex is too wrapped up in the ‘Great Grief’ of her youth to notice her daughter’s struggles to define dream from reality.

After lurching from one poverty-stricken situation to another, and ghosts from the past are disturbed, Rebecca’s dream comes alive. Why does the old woman who left them a sudden inheritance believe she is Rebecca’s grandmother, and why did Bex swear to stop living when she was only nineteen?

The setting of the novel transitions between the flat seascape of Skegness, the fields of Lincolnshire, the mountains of Ireland and the rolling hills of Leicestershire.

Another Rebecca is a family story of secrets, interdependency and obsessive love.

Tracey enjoys travelling in the bus-with-a-woodstove with her husband and their Labrador, Riley. They are always on the lookout for a scenic layby in which to sleep. Last year they spent time all over the British Isles, including the Outer Hebrides, which will be the setting for a future novel. In a few years they plan to set off on the road (by way of the sea) for an extended period of time: after all, writing can be done anywhere.

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Our FIVE STAR Reviews:

I spent the entire morning totally gripped by the unfolding events, and when I had to put the book down to go to work, I felt disoriented, confused. It was as if real life was no longer real, so involved was I in the lives of these fictional characters, so skilfully created by the author.” – Sharon Booth, Amazon Review

“This is a thoughtful, well-structured novel with good characterisation. Scott-Townsend has not made the mistake of painting her characters black and white. There are some lyrical descriptions of scenes that add to the pleasure of reading this interesting story.” – Rosalind Minett, Amazon Review

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