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Welcome Back…Matthew!

I’m incredibly proud to announce…

…that Inspired Quill have agreed to publish my third book. Very good news, isn’t it?

I’m actually incredibly excited, and it’s hard to portray that emotion over a blog post without using lots and lots of exclamation marks, which I don’t propose to do any time soon. The book itself is a science-fiction story about a prison planet and its inhabitants. I shan’t say any more at the moment, as there’s some serious editing to be done, and that’s entirely normal, but suffice to say that it’s a big departure from my previous fantasy books.

The History:

I was first published back in 2011 by IQ after being accepted just six months earlier. I was in the rather privileged position of being the second author that IQ signed up, and the first to be published. That’s an honour I don’t downplay, and am still thrilled to accept that banner.

I remember getting that first offer over email from Sara (The Boss) one Saturday, when I was having a coffee with a friend, and it pinged through to my phone. Being the anti-social sod that I am, I glanced at the email and saw Sara’s offer – I actually became speechless for a few moments, which is a rarity in itself. I called my mum, and she won’t mind me saying that she cried a little bit; sorry, mum.

I don’t honestly remember where I first came across IQ, but I remember being impressed with the ethos that Sara was imbuing within the social enterprise that she was just creating; ethical conduct, a passion for innovation and a love of words. That hit the mark with me, and that acceptance began an excellent relationship.

It’s been a learning curve for both of us; since that first book, Sara’s been able to adapt her publishing processes to catch things earlier, make the editing process more exhaustive and get more engagement and publicity for the works. She’s also proved to be a willing listener; whenever I’ve wanted to talk, she’s allowed me the chance, and whenever’s she’s had an idea, I’ve respected her views, as I know she’s considered her opinion carefully.

On & Up:

Book three of my publishing career so far is thrilling; the first two books featured the same books and the same world, whereas now I get the chance to explore something new and different – a new world, a new backstory and new characters. The book itself won’t be out until later on in 2017, but that’s fine; there’s plenty to do before that.

So thank you to everyone who have supported me this far; my family, my friends, readers and fellow geeks – oh, and Inspired Quill, naturally. A very positive future ahead, I think!

Happy Birthday, IQ!

Can you remember exactly how you felt exactly five years ago today?

I can.

It was a heady mix of “Heck yeah!” and “Why did I do this, that was a really dumb thing to do. Oh no.

I was living with my grandparents at the time, home from University on Easter Break, and as they handed me my mail, I couldn’t stop grinning.

You see, today (five years ago) was the day that I got my legal business setup certificate for Inspired Quill.

It’s pretty hard to tally up just how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into this publishing house. (Literally – all three!) It’s never been a full-time job for me, but that has never made my dedication any less to this press and the – quite frankly – phenomenal people who have both helped me to create this amazing place, and the supportive, kick-butt authors who decided to let us help bring their work to the wider world.

So, as always, I like to look forward more than back, and I have some super exciting news for you all.

Today marks the launch of the ‘Inspired Quill eWorkshops’. Take a look below at the promo video for our first ever course: Casual to Committed.

Skills development has always been super-high on our list, and now we have the opportunity to bring important knowledge to the creative community at large. Over the next year, we hope to release 2/3 more courses based on the amount of times I get asked questions about certain topics. Every penny taken from one of these courses will be put straight back into Inspired Quill.

Oh! And since it’s our birthday, the first 100 people to enroll in the course using the code “IQBDay5” will save $100 on the course cost!


Now all that’s left for me to do is hum ‘Happy Birthday to us’ under my breath. I’d sing it, but I don’t want to harm anyone’s eardrums.