Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018’s Accountability!

Picture it: A lone figure sits at a desk one weekend evening in December, peering at formulas on an excel spreadsheet through the new glasses they’d had to purchase two months before because of their ‘screen-time headaches’. They bring a mug of tea to their lips only to find the contents horridly tepid. Not even […]

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Reading the Wind Introduction

Reading the Wind

I never thought of myself as a writer. I read fiction nonstop and even wrote some Tolkien fanfiction, but in my mind, that didn’t make me a writer; I also taught technical writing to college students. About that kind of writing, I counted as an expert. Still, that didn’t make me a writer. People who […]

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A man writing about heroines offers an explanation

A Man Writing Heroines

Here’s a story about D&D, listening and trying to be a good ally. Why am I, a man, writing about heroines? Let me tell you a story. A friend told me about a game of Dungeons & Dragons he’d played. The Dungeon Master was keen to create a diverse world, so he made a point […]

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It's time to make our voices heard

Stop Talking About Diversity In Books

“The importance of diversity in books”, “diverse characters – tokenism or important?” and my personal favourite, “is diversity really that important?” Every time I see a convention panel discussion with a name like this, my eyes roll so hard I end up chasing them across the floor. Let’s be honest, here. The publishing world is […]

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Blog image for Anne Goodwin's post on Inspired Quill

Victims, Villains and Vulnerability

Over a decade ago, the children’s charity, Barnardo’s, ran a controversial advertising campaign aiming to raise awareness of the damaging impact of being born in poverty. The Advertising Standards Authority received almost 500 complaints about the ads, which showed shocking (photoshopped) images of babies, such as one with a cockroach in its mouth and another […]

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Full Steampunk Ahead

Full Steam(punk) Ahead!

After much procrastination, I’ve returned with a new book in tow and Inspired Quill has been nice enough to take me back. So, what is this new book? Well, it’s a sequel to The Adventures of Alan Shaw, my globe-spanning Steampunk adventure. What’s taken so damned long? I think my procrastination was probably due to […]

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Clickbait Books – A Publisher’s Response

Recently, the ‘Big 5’ publisher Simon & Schuster signed a deal reported to be worth $250,000. So far, no worries. But when the author of their acquisition is a (very loud) mouthpiece for the ‘alt-right’…things start to get a little cloudy. (Note: I’m not going to write names here – they’ll get no online kickbacks […]

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Eighteen To One

Honestly, I can’t remember a time where reading and writing weren’t part of my life. I’ve written many short stories in my time, but my two proudest writing achievements are the novels I’ve completed. The first one I began writing at about sixteen. In the end, I wasn’t pleased with the final product and decided […]

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What It Means To Me

I readily admit to not having the greatest memory in the world. I will forget what I said ten minutes ago. I won’t remember what I had for lunch three hours prior. I have to begin with this disclaimer, because the following memory has stayed with me my whole life. When I was in reception […]

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A blog post by author Lynn Michell. Sara asked me to write something about returning to IQ Press with my second novel and fourth work of fiction, a request which led to some off piste reflection. It’s a topic close to my heart and one which worries its way into my writing. As a wordmonger, […]

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