Matthew Munson

Matthew lives in Broadstairs on the north Kent coast, a town that counts Charles Dickens, Oliver Postgate and Charles Hamilton as just three of its denizens.

Matthew is an epic fan of science fiction and fantasy; he loves everything from Terry Pratchett and Joe Abercrombie through to Arthur C Clarke and China Mieville – and a hell of a lot in between. His first two titles, Fall From Grace and Leap of Faith, are a duology, focused on a trio of friends living in Broadstairs, and is focused on themes of friendship, life, death, war, and humanity.

When not writing, Matthew works in the charitable sector. He’s also a disability advocate, focusing specifically on “invisible” disorders such as autism and developmental control disorders. He writes and speaks on the subject personally and through T2D, the company he co-founded.

He’s fortunate to have a pretty fertile mind, and he’s always plotting new stories and plots. He is currently working on his third book, which comes out with Inspired Quill in 2017, as well as a novella, and has a couple more stories in the pipeline.

Matthew’s Titles

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