Matthew Munson

Matthew lives in Thanet on the north Kent coast, a stone’s throw from the sea. Although, knowing Matthew as we do, he’d need several attempts at throwing the stone, as the first attempts would miss.

Matthew is an epic fan of science fiction and fantasy; he loves everything from Terry Pratchett and Joe Abercrombie through to Arthur C Clarke and China Mieville – and a hell of a lot in between. His first two titles, Fall From Grace and Leap of Faith, are a duology, focused on a trio of friends living in Thanet, and explores themes of friendship, life, death, angels, war, and humanity. He’s now working on a four-book science-fiction series called The Elysium Chronicles, all about a group of rebels fighting against corruption.

When not writing, Matthew is a disability and sexuality advocate. He focuses specifically on “invisible” disabilities such as dyspraxia through T2D, the charity he co-founded, and on the asexuality spectrum.

He has a long and fruitful relationship with Inspired Quill, and he enjoys particularly coming up with new job titles for the Visionary-in-Chief (Managing Director in Oldspeak), Sara-Jayne, just to see how far he can push it.

Matthew’s Titles

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