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Inspired Quill — Positive Publishing

IQ are a traditional (royalty-based) publishing house that strives to showcase great writing talent and set new standards in economically friendly, people-oriented, quality publishing. Striving for constant improvement is tough, but we’re up to the challenge! If you’re an author who’d like to get published in a supportive, professional environment which strives to meet your personal needs without treating you like a meal ticket, or a book-lover who is looking for that next great read – IQ is the place for you!

We’re also a social enterprise, which means that we’re constantly thinking up new ways of giving back to our communities; pledging a percentage of profits to different charities, running heavily subsidised workshops, or donating books to those who may not have access to them otherwise.

So sit back with your favourite beverage, grab your paperback or eReader (we love both!) and delve into the worlds created by the amazing minds and deft pens (okay, keyboards!) by the folks here at Inspired Quill.

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