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We strive to showcase great writing talent and set new standards in economically friendly, people-oriented, quality publishing. If you’re an author who’d like to get published in a friendly but professional environment which strives to meet your personal needs without treating you like a meal ticket, or a book-lover who is looking for that next great read – IQ is the place for your perusal!

The Inspired Quill website is currently undergoing a fairly hefty revamp, so please do bear with us, and feel free to send Inspired Quill an email should you be looking for any information which doesn’t appear currently on the site.
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We pride ourselves on the quality and personality of our published authors. If you'd like to read more about them, or learn more about publishing with Inspired Quill, follow the 'Submit Title' link below, or the 'Authors' link in the main navigation bar.

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As a Social Enterprise IQ seeks to develop subsidised workshops for both creative and non-fiction writing, to promote literacy and creativity in disadvantaged areas. We also offer free books and publishing advice to Bloggers!